Our research focuses on how individuals perceive the world around them, and how they use this sensory information to perform high-level cognitive operations such as speech perception and communication. We are greatly interested in multisensory integration, or how individuals combine information across the senses. Our work includes four active lines of research:

  1. Basic research in multisensory integration and perception
  2. How multisensory perceptual abilities develops across the lifespan
  3. The relationship between sensory processing and cognitive function
  4. Differences in perception in autism spectrum disorder, and how these differences affect ASD symptomatology

We study these concepts at both the behavioural and neural level. To do this, we approach the topic from multiple perspectives, using behavioural psychophysical tasks, eye tracking, advanced neuroimaging techniques (fMRI, EEG, and TMS), and qualitative measures, including neuropsychological testing and questionnaires.

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Individuals who are interested in applying for graduate school this fall or undergraduates currently at Western who are interested in joining the lab are strongly encouraged to contact me directly at: rsteve28@uwo.ca