Honours theses

If you are aiming to do an honours thesis in 2023-2024, you will need to follow the match process guidelines. An older version, which will be very similar to the current, can be found  HERE.

Volunteering / Work study

The process of volunteering and doing a work study are the same. If you qualify for work study, you should take the opportunity and get paid! Below are the projects on which we are currently looking for volunteers. If you are interested in a particular project, please contact the listed graduate student and send an unofficial copy of your transcripts and an up-to-date CV. Current studies include:

Study: Event Knowledge and Communication in Autistic Individuals (collaboration with the McRae Lab)
People have knowledge about commonplace events, like getting ready for school or waking up in the morning, and use this knowledge when communicating with others. I am interested in how this event knowledge is related to communication skills, including making conversation and making inferences about others’ behaviours, for autistic and non-autistic individuals. Volunteers would be trained on how to set-up a computer task/online survey, and how to administer a standardized communication assessment to older children/teens. Number of hours would depend on ability to attend data collection sessions on select dates in winter/spring.

Currently looking for volunteers? No

Study: Linking Sensory Perception and Movement Using Virtual Reality
We are conducting a virtual reality study to investigate how different amounts of visual and auditory input influence walking patterns in autistic people, people with ADHD, and typically developing individuals. Volunteers would be trained on how to conduct the study, including setup of the technology (VR headset, Wii board, walkway mat, computer programs). For each session with a participant, you would be working in pairs with another research assistant, and it would take 2+ hours.

Currently looking for volunteers? No
Contact:  and 

Study: Neural markers of sensory differences in Autism and ADHD. We are investigating the neural correlates of sensory differences in autism and ADHD. For this project, we are using a large MRI dataset to investigate relationships between sensory measures and the brain. We are looking for a volunteer who is interested in gaining experience in neuroimaging, quantitative methods, and data management. Previous experience in statistical programming (MatLab, R, Python, etc) is required.

Currently looking for volunteers? No

Contact: klyons8@uwo.ca

Study: Investigating the neural underpinnings of social interactions in Autism: This project involves the use of fNIRS hyperscanning to look at brain patterns during social interaction in autistic and non-autistic individuals. Both children and adults will be recruited. Volunterrs will help with setup of fNIRS & eye-tracking equipment, reviewing data from video recordings, and assisting with data collection and analysis.

Currently looking for volunteers? No

Contact: kturne45@uwo.ca

Study: Multisensory integration and sensory sensitivity in autism. Autistic individuals may experience differences in merging information across different sensory modalities, known as multisensory integration. They may also detect sensory outputs differently than neurotypical individuals, known as sensory sensitivity. In this study, we are investigating multisensory integration and sensory sensitivity in autistic adults using EEG and a computer task. Volunteers will help with collecting and analyzing EEG data. No experience working with EEG is needed and the time commitment will be about 2.5-5 hours a week.

Currently looking for volunteers: Yes; 1

Contact: mluszaws@uwo.ca

Study: Sensory Processing and Brainstem Development in Autism. The aim of this study is to understand how brainstem development and differences in sensory filtering in autism may lead to increased responses to sound. Sensory filtering is measured by the startle response, or the sudden eye blink in response to auditory stimuli. Brainstem development is indexed by auditory
brainstem response. It is hypothesized that delayed maturation of the brainstem, a part of the brain involved in hearing, may lead to the increases in the startle response. Looking for research volunteers for data collection.

Currently looking for volunteers: No

Contact: aseif5@uwo.ca

Study: Multisensory Integration in Aging. The aim of this study is to examine how aging (both normal and abnormal) can impact the way we process sensory information. To do this, we use an assortment of computer-based behavioural tasks, as well as cognitive, audiometric, and visual screening methods.

Currently looking for volunteers: No

Contact: lschneeb@uwo.ca

Currently looking for volunteers: No

Contact: chare6@uwo.ca

Social Science Research Days Craft and Game room volunteer. We regularly have social science days in which we bring in kids with different diagnosis and kids without any diagnosis to participate in the lab studies. During those days, kids spend a half day participating in fun activities and research activities. We are looking for 4 volunteers that will be involved in running Social Science Days. Your tasks would include organizing crafts and games and spending time with kids. The Social Science Days often run on PA Days, March Break and during the summer.

Currently looking for volunteers: No

Contact: aseif5@uwo.ca