Honours Recruitment

The recruitment process of honours students has, for obvious reasons, changed a little. We have put together a series of videos describing the projects that will be open to applications. This will be a three step process.

  1. Watch the videos below. Start with the intro of course, and then each following video will describe a project to which you may apply.
  2. Contact the lead of the studies (listed below) that you are interested in and set up a zoom interview. It would be a good idea to send along your CV and transcripts beforehand.
  3. Send in your official application if you have not done so already


Introduction to being an honours student in the lab

Metalinguistics (contact: Kara Hannah, khannah6@uwo.ca)

Academic achievement of autistic girls (contact: Kara Hannah, khannah6@uwo.ca)

Aging and audiovisual integration (contact: Laura Schneeberger, lschneeb@uwo.ca)

Sensory processing in ADHD & Strengths and weaknesses of ADHD (contact: Carolynn Hare, chare6@uwo.ca)

Sensory-motor gaiting in autism (contact: Ala Seif, aseif5@uwo.ca)

Rate discrimination in autism (contact: Ryan Stevenson, ryan.andrew.stevenson@gmail.com)

Thanks for your interest!